Headquarters Homebrew Club

Headquarters Homebrew Club

January 2023 Meeting – The Holiday Party

Happy New Years South Bay Homebrewers!

The next Headquarters Club meeting is coming up on Saturday, January 21st.

As in years past, we’ve chosen to hold this meeting as a post Holiday Party instead of a regular meeting. Certainly homebrew is welcome and encouraged, and we can discuss these beers and provide tasting feedback as normal, but it will also include a potluck. Homebrewers are also welcome to bring friends and significant others as well. Please reply if you’re going to attend, and include the number of people and some hint as to what food/snacks you might bring to share.

We can also do a secret Santa gift exchange if enough people are interested in this and bring a gift.

Saturday, January 21st 2023, usual start time 5 PM.

What to Bring: Beer, Homebrew, commercial, whatever.
A potluck or snack item.
Eric’s plan is to provide a main dish item, drinking glasses, plates, bowls and plasticware, cooler with ice, etc.

For a Secret Santa, bring a “gift”.
To be fair to everyone who chooses to participate, please no gags or glassware.
Exchange rules will be announced at the meeting.
Suggested cost limit $20-$25.
Warm clothes. I’ll heat up the pool house, but I can’t guarantee it won’t be a little chilly with people coming and going.

Contact us for the address and to RSVP.