Headquarters Homebrew Club

Headquarters Homebrew Club

HQ Big Barrel Brown Ale

*5 GAL* mash at~ 154/155

-13# 2 row
-1.25# carapils
-1.25# crystal 40L
-1# wheat
-.5# chocolate malt

-1oz northern brewer 60 min
-1oz cascade 15 min
-1oz centennial 0 min

-Cal ale WLP 001 or safale us-05

This recipe should give you at least a 7+% brown ale depending on efficiency ( anywhere from 6-9% should be fine). A little variation is OK, but because we are barrel aging this beer, I would suggest keeping the hops fairly restrained. This is still a malt forward recipe that should lend itself nicely to take on barrel flavors. I have found that after talking with brewers like Mike McDole, it is crucial to use a good amount of carapils for a well rounded (medium-full) body so the beer doesn’t seem to thin. Higher mash temps help here too and the crystal adds more complexity and color of course.  Any neutral ale yeast will work.