Headquarters Homebrew Club

Headquarters Homebrew Club

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We are an award-winning Northern California area club for homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts alike!

The HeadQuarters homebrew club was established in 2011.
We are currently based out of South San Jose, CA.

We have an active membership with all levels of experience, from newer brewers to those with 30 years of brewing experience.
But there’s plenty of room to grow.
All levels of experience are welcome, including first time to experienced homebrewers, extract to all-grain.

Craft beer lovers, if beer is your passion with hops and barley running through your veins- then reach out and consider attending a meeting.


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See our club’s event calendar with upcoming meetings, activities and special events.


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Meetings & Announcements

We typically meet on the third Saturday of every month at 5:00PM.  Click here for information on the next meeting and minutes of previous meetings along with any club announcements.


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Club Competitions

We have several club competitions a year.  The competition judging is held at a club meeting, where the club members judge all the entries brewed by club members.  Click here for information on our next competition and results from previous competitions.


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Member contributed photos and videos of brewing and other club related activities.


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Brewing Resources

See a video introduction to homebrewing and a listing of a few of our favorite online resources.