Headquarters Homebrew Club

Headquarters Homebrew Club

AUGUST 2023 Meeting

Eric has invited the club to meet at his south San Jose home.
Actually his backyard pool house bar / party room / patio area.
5:00PM on Saturday August 19.

The August meeting theme was to Brew with new or experimental ingredient or technique.
But you’re welcome to bring any homebrew to get feedback.
Commercial beers are also welcome.
One 22 oz bottle, or equivalent should be enough.


  1. Announcements

  2. Discussion preparing for the Northern California Homebrewer’s Festival (NCHF).

  3. We will continue with the BJCP Sensory Training Kit (AKA off-flavor training).
    This is an opportunity to enhance your beer judging skills.

  4. And we will attempt some pseudo BJCP judging.
    I have some of the Santa Clara County Fair homebrew competition entries along with their scores.
    So meeting attendees will get a sense of both their judging abilities and an understanding of BJCP judging.
    We won’t be writing up score sheets- so it’ll go quick.
    But please prepare, by downloading either of the following on your smart phone either:
    – Beer Style Compendium app, for Android (this is the one I use)
    – or one of the BJCP Style Guidelines downloads

    AND if you really want to prepare- review the following subcategories.
    – 9C. Baltic Porter 
    – 20B. American Stout 
    – 20C. Imperial Stout 
    – 29A. Fruit Beer 
    – 30A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer 

  5. Sample homebrews and commercial beers.

Contact us at meadguy@yahoo.com for details.