February 2016 Meeting Minutes

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Hey all, it was great to have a classic format meeting this month, I know there’s been a lot of events lately so good to get back to the basics.  Also great to get the front room at Harry’s to ourselves.  Thanks to all who made it out, especially those who brought homebrew.

Meeting Minutes

  • Dues – if you paid we still owe you a shirt, I’m not sure we’ll have them by March but I’ll make sure to have them by April at the latest
  • Comps
    • As always BJCP comp schedule is below, I’d really like to see more entries this year, it’s a great way to get feedback, prizes, and help the club spread our name, there’s lots of good competitions in the first half of the year (it drops off a lot towards the end of the year)
    • Next in club comp will be clone beers in April.  Not much as far as rules here, I’d prefer you try to clone a beer that we are somewhat familiar with, and I encourage everyone to check out breweries websites or even e-mail brewers to see if you can get specific recipe details.  On tasting day bring the commercial beer as well as your clone, the judging criteria will just be how close you got
    • I’m thinking for the next in-club competition we can do Belgian beers in August, this will get everyone brewing Belgian beers right in time for NCHF
  • Events
    • Instead of a May meeting we’re hoping to have Big Brew Day again.  For those unfamiliar it’s a AHA “holiday” where we all get together, bring your brewing equipment, and brew.  We need a host this year, if anyone is willing to have us come over and brew at your place let me know
    • Late spring / early summer we’re hoping to have a disc golf tournament – more details coming soon but it would be at Hellyer park, we can pour homebrews and come up with some prizes for the winners
    • Summer camping trip – I’m hoping to get this set up soon because it fills up quick, I’m looking at Uvas Canyon park, about 30 minutes from Campbell, technically in Morgan Hill so not too far for anyone.  There’s plenty of site available July 22-24 so that may be the weekend we’ll book
  • Style of the month – again we’re focusing on Belgian beers for the next few months, we had two examples this month, both in 2015 BJCP category 24 – Belgian Ale
    • Belgian Pale Ale 24B – De Koninck
    • Belgian witbier 24 A –
  • Keg demo – we had a couple Stanford students come get feedback on a compact keg their designing, basically the shape of a 2.5 gallon water jug with ball lock fittings.  They brought a prototype, a pretty interesting concept but still needs some refining.  Could be interesting if the price point is right.
  • Topic of the month – filtering and clarifying homebrew, lots of good discussion, sounds like the most popular/effective techniques are whirlfloc, cold crashing, and racking multiple times of trub/yeast bed.  There are more advanced filtering techniques that are more effective, but less efficient and not cost friendly.  Some of the artilces shared
  • Homebrew
    • Chris and Nick’s British IPA – Maris Otter, British hops, and white labs 005 yeast
    • Jeremy’s Bock – inspired by Sierra Nevada Glissade golden bock
    • Chris Simmon’s French Saison – from our collab brew day at Chris’s house – we’ll try the rest next month
    • Rich’s Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel inspired beer with coffee
    • Kyle’s Biere de Garde with Yeast Bay Amalgamation
    • Kyle’s Seven Stills Chocasmoke barrel aged stout
    • Kyle’s Seven Stills Whipnose barrel aged blonde barely wine

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